Samantha and Donavin each receive R5,000 from Darren's Tip Jar!

Samantha and Donavin each receive R5,000 from Darren's Tip Jar!

The main objective with 'Darren's Tip Jar' is to help those negatively affected by the level 4 lockdown and make their lives a little easier. This morning we did just that...

Donavin gets soemthing from Darren's Tip Jar
Donavin Seagreen

How unfortunate it should be to be an artist who lives on bookings for events or a BnB owner who had to pause their services as a result of the level 4 lockdown in our country. When it was announced that we would be returning to a semi-state of 2020's level 5 lockdown, most people in the entertainment and hospitality industry saw their lives thrust into uncertainty again. 

This morning we had the chance to surprise Samantha, who is a bar owner and manager. Her friend, Quentin, shared that she has been out of work for the past few months because of the COVID-19 pandemic's effect on the country's economic and social activity. 

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Samantha has been with Barcode from the beginning, when they took over the Queensburgh sports association club between herself, Beth and Paul (owners of Barcode). She has washed floors, cleaned toilets, made food, been a waitress, and still maintained her composure to run the bar.

When they closed for the first hard lockdown and then were only allowed to sell cold drinks and non-alcoholic drinks, Samantha stepped up and did her thing, all for R100/day. When they were able to open again fully, Samantha trained the new staff, cleaned as before, and did this all with a smile because she believed it the right thing to do. Now that they are closed again due to level 4 restrictions, Samantha has had to look to other avenues to keep going. All legal of course, but few and far between.

Samantha; hospitality
East Coast Radio

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We also reached out to Donavin Seagreen who is a musician. He was nominated by his friend Warren. 

Donavin is not only a musician that makes his living by performing at various restaurants/pubs throughout Durban and surrounding areas, but he also assists with placing other artists at these venues. 

Since the start of COVID-19, being a musician whose income comes from restaurants and pubs, with the multiple closures of these businesses, and restricted trading times, he has been greatly affected in terms of finances and those of other artists that he assists in placing. 

Through it all, Donavin has tried to remain upbeat, performing on Facebook, trying to keep some sort of livelihood to support his family.

Take a listen to how that went down on the show: 

More of these moments will occur for the rest of the day on Carol, Vic, and Stacey and JSbu's shows. 

It is the best way for Darren to say to the people in the entertainment industry, which he is in, that he sees them and he acknowledges and understands what and how it feels to live your passion and truth as an artist. 

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He also supports the hospitality industry. You know he enjoys restaurant-hopping with his Anna Banana, therefore he had to pay homage to the establishments that make date nights and days possible. 

Stick around for the next two weeks as we celebrate #DarrensDecade and he makes lives easier. Thanks to Lottoland South Africa for making it all possible. 

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