SA teacher in Vietnam shares his Covid-19 experience with us

SA teacher in Vietnam shares his Covid-19 experience with us

We contacted a listener in Vietnam to find out what living in the country is like during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Dave from Durban left South Africa two years ago after becoming a qualified teacher. He gave us an insight into what it's like in Vietnam whilst they're under lockdown.

He explains that the Vietnamese government have put plans in place since their first case of the coronavirus was reported on 23 January.

"My life changed from working in my learning centre from the 1st of February till the 25th of March, where I’m now required to work from home. Up until the 27th March I still had the majority of freedom of movement (socialising, restaurants etc) but since that date, I have remained at home, only leaving to go to the shops. It’s been a staged lockdown since 1st Feb," he said.

"The government has left all essential businesses open to the citizens, but with strict policies of masks and sanitizing hands before walking into the store."

Vietnam is another country currently offering free testing to all Vietnamese nationals, whilst foreigners need to pay for testing.

Last week, Annette Hill Bezudenhout told us there is free testing in New Zealand as well.

Meanwhile, Dave has hopes of being back home in August.

"I have family in SA, who are fine, just worried about my grandparents and how this could potentially affect them. My cousin, who is currently in Budapest, she seems fine and coping. It’s difficult for her being in quarantine alone," he added.

He sees the situation in South Africa and hopes citizens strongly abide by the rules.

"While you might be a strong fit young individual who might show no symptoms, this virus is so easily spread, which will cause others with compromised immune systems great harm. Follow the rules or lockdown will be extended," he said.

For more details follow Coronavirus: Be Informed 

*Dave is not his real name 

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