Ryan Reynolds offers ransom for sentimental stolen teddy

Ryan Reynolds offers ransom for sentimental stolen teddy bear

Actor Ryan Reynolds' act of kindness reunited a woman with a teddy bear that means the world to her.

Ryan Reynolds
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We love it when our favourite personalities do their bit in giving back to their fans. 

Award-winning actor, Ryan Reynolds, touched the hearts of many when he offered ransom money for a teddy bear like no other.

Mara Soriano from Vancouver, Canada was recently moving apartments when she left her bags unattended, therefore losing a  particularly priceless item that was inside: a teddy bear with her late mom’s voice recording on it.

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With hopes of getting her special teddy back, Mara issued a plea on social media. The 'Deadpool' actor decided to fast track the process when he promised $5,000 to anyone who returned the bear to Mara. 

Three days later, Ryan Reynolds was back with great news that Mara was reunited with her bear.

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We love a happy ending!

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