Interesting relationship deal breakers you might find shocking

Relationship deal breakers that will blow your mind

What is a reason you would completely write a potential partner off for?

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When people enter relationships, there are often certain things that, naturally, they will find completely unacceptable by their partners. One would usually share these in the 'talking stage' at the beginning of the relationship, right? But some relationships take off at a high speed from the get-go, which makes it impossible to learn what your potential partner's 'dealbreaker' is. 

A 'dealbreaker' is usually used to describe something that one would not accept in the relationship or something that 'turns them off' in a person. 

After a screenshot trended on Twitter, some of you may be shocked at what the guy deemed as a 'turn off' from the girl in the text. 

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It was at this point we saw it fit to share with you some more 'deal breakers' you might find shocking:

Some people truly cannot enjoy the company of someone who does not enjoy similar music as they do. In other instances it's music that's not in the same genre. For instance, someone who enjoys Shekhinah getting together with someone who also enjoys Die Antwoord. It's usually because people will often use music playlists to communicate their love for their person. Playlists are kind of like the modern-day mixtape. So, you can imagine not understanding or even enjoying a playlist personally made out of love for you... 

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This is a popular 'deal breaker' as people would like to feel comfortable and accepted by your family. This makes it easier to attend family events with your loved one and support them whenever they might need help therefore supporting your partner. 

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Another popular 'deal breaker' that could cause huge debate; it's really is a matter of preference in this case. One should just not take it personally when the other turns them down for this reason. If the person truly cares for you, why is it painful to them that you have a child/children? 

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Oopsie! If your 'deal breaker' is clumsiness, it would be ideal to not look for your partner on a dating site because you might just be annoyed during the first date. This could be different should your potential partner acknowledge clumsiness and share it during the talking stage. 

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Another one which one would only identify on the first date. Guess if you're not hearing about a second date after what you deemed the perfect first date, this might be one of the reasons.  

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We all have our 'deal breakers' and that should be absolutely fair as long as you are not bashing and hurting the other person once you realise they might just not be 'the one' because of these. After all, it's all about preference, right?

What do you think is a 'deal breaker'? 


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