Read the first-ever Tweet that is about to sell for $2.5-million

Read the first-ever Tweet that is about to sell for $2.5-million

A little birdy, aka the co-founder and CEO of Twitter, announced that he would be selling the first Tweet that was ever tweeted.

First ever tweet sale

Like most tech-geniuses who become billionaires, Jack Dorsey started off with a basic concept and he probably never imagined that his tiny interactive platform would grow into the social media giant it is today.

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Or maybe he did know that Twitter was destined for greatness since he created it and he is pretty smart.

Either way, Twitter is a part of almost every human being's daily life (even if you don't actually have an account or use the app).

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Just think about all the Twitter rants, Twitter beef, Twitter comedy, and Twitter oversharing that you've witnessed, and also realise that a world without Twitter would be boring.

That's why something that forms a part of its history has now become super significant, special, and apparently, most importantly, insanely valuable.

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It should then come as no surprise that Jack, the brilliant brain behind it all, is selling the first tweet that was ever typed and sent onto the platform.

Dorsey shared a link on his Twitter account that would take you to a site called 'Valuables', where he put the original Tweet up for auction.

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And the bidding war took off.

As of today, the highest bid is a massive $2.5 million (R37-million), which was made by the CEO of Bridge Oracle, Sina Estavi.

The auction is set to end on the 21st of March and Dorsey has stated that he will be converting all the proceeds to bitcoin, which he will then be donating to Give Directly's Africa Response fund.

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And here it is, the first-ever Tweet that was tweeted on Twitter:

Just a few days ago, it was also the anniversary of the first day Jack began programming the social media platform:

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These types of digital collector items have seen a surge in popularity in the last few years. You can learn more about them here: Ten-second video sold for $6.6million.

While Twitter can be simultaneously chaotic and wonderful at times, we are happy to have it as a part of our lives and it's great to see someone using their platform for some good during these times.

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Main image courtesy of @jack/Twitter

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