Quadruple amputee needs over a R1-million for leg surgery

Quadruple amputee needs over a R1-million for leg surgery

After years of surgeries following a mongoose bite that changed her life forever, Shan remains hopeful. She has launched multiple projects to raise funds for her leg surgery.

Shaninlea Visser

The bright and positive Shaninlea Visser met with Keri last year as she shared her brave story of losing most of her body after being bitten by a mongoose. 

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Five years ago, Shan was bitten by a mongoose at a friend’s house. Post the bite, a day later, she began to feel sick. It was then when she had to be rushed to ICU and has since had to undergo multiple surgeries, including amputation of her legs and arms, as well as surgery on her nose and lips. The life-threatening condition that had taken over her life was sepsis.

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As she returns to Keri's Couch, she shares the number of surgeries she has gone through since they last spoke and how many more are required. She also shares the new project she has launched to inspire other people, but also to raise funds. 

She shares all of that with Keri here: 

Having medical aid has been known to be the most convenient resource for healthcare, but Shan has unfortunately not been able to use it to raise funds for her leg surgery. It was declined with reasoning that there is uncertainty around the success of the surgery. 

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Luckily, Shan's spirit remains high and her internal strength pushes her to consistently fight for her life. She debuted The Shan Show on the AlfaStreamSA channel on YouTube to use her story of trauma and hardship to inspire and motivate others through emotive and moving conversations with people who are also going through their own challenges. 

Shan continues to soldier on in her journey and inspire people all over the world as she courageously shares her story on her social media pages. With her positive perspective of life, we can only hope for the best. 

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View The Shan Show and Shan's documentary on PlatformZA  or on her Facebook page Shan Living her life and Alfastream SA YouTube Channel.

For any donations here are Shan's banking details: 

“The Shaninlea Visser Special Disability Trust”
FNB Broadacres
Acc Type : Trust
Acc: 62712541863
Branch : 250655
30 Diagonal Street


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