Prof Tulio de Oliveira answers KZN's burning questions about COVID-19

Prof Tulio de Oliveira answers KZN's burning questions about COVID-19

World famous Virus Hunter and Virologist, Prof. Tulio De Oliveira from KRISP at UKZN joined the team to answer your Covid-19 related questions.

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Darren, Keri and Sky have been speaking to KRISP at UKZN’s virologist, virus hunter and bioinformatician, Prof. Tulio De Oliveira for a couple of months on the weekly podcast series and today they gave KZN a turn to ask the questions! 

We have all been experiencing uncertainties regarding the virus and this is the perfect opportunity to ask the kind of questions that you can’t really google.

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Our first caller, Melissa, wanted to know about asthma in children who have it under control, to which Prof highlighted the importance of asthmatic patients aiming for excellent asthma control. He suggested running a diary that can be found on the South African Allergy Association website.

Another burning question was whether or not the virus can be contracted through sex. Although this is a controversial and debated topic in Europe, the simple answer from the Prof is "YES!".

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Questions came in in butt loads; including questions about the safety that wearing a mask affords, the distance the virus can spread in open spaces, and another question about reinfection.

Want to know the answers to these questions and more? Listen to the podcast below:

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