Prime Circle speak on their 'prime' music career

Prime Circle speak on their 'prime' music career

One of South Africa's most popular bands will be performing their smash hits at Sugar Rush Park in Ballito.

prime circle with ecrbreakfast
Screenshot: Instagram: Prime Circle

The band started off in Witbank and quickly became a household name. The band has released seven studio albums and achieved gold and platinum status in South Africa.

They even expanded their audience to England and Europe where they are represented by a German agent and have signed an international recording deal, performing at festivals and their own shows in Germany.

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Neil Breytenbach, who plays the keyboard, dropped valuable 'keys' about the team and how far they have come. 

KZN, don't miss their amazing performance on Sunday, 8 March at Sugar Rush Park in Ballito for the Marriott Ballito Music Series.

It's going to be prime! Listen to the podcast here: 

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