Prev Reddy: Dreams that are becoming a reality

Prev Reddy: Dreams that are becoming a reality

We sat down with upcoming comedy sensation who has taken the internet by a world wind, Prev Reddy is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in South Africa.  

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He is currently on tour and performing in Durban. After being invited to MTV Music Awards earlier this year, Aunty Shamila is definitely going places. Humble and down to earth Prev who still considers his fans as his friends, he is completely in awe and grateful for all opportunities bestowed upon him. 

Read through the interview below: 

1. Tell us a little bit more about your current show, where have you been touring? What has it been like? How has it been received by audiences thus far?

So the current show was a show that was never meant to be a tour. It was meant to be a once off thing in Durban but because it was received so well, fans across the country starting to ask me to bring it everywhere and so we did. I met with an incredible tour promoter Mo Kadir and we’ve taken it all over SA. So Cape Town, Joburg, Pretoria, PMB and the final leg in Durban. The show is very different to any stand up show as it’s interactive and so fans come in expecting one thing but leave with a unique experience. So far we’ve done 8 shows and everyone wants to either come see it again or wants it longer as they can’t seem to get enough. Our last show this past weekend in Cape Town received a huge standing ovation which brought me to tears on stage as I for one did not expect to sell out in Cape Town, let alone 2 shows. But to receive that love and energy was incredible. We have also sold out the entire tour which is 11 shows, and I’m told that I’m the youngest to do that so far. Our Durban show sold out in a day and the joburg show in 4 hours.


2. You will conclude your tour, in Durban, your hometown, we understand they’ve been sold out and extra shows have had to be added, for those who are caught up in two minds about it, what can they expect?

I think dont expect anything. Aunty Shamilla is such a loud mouth vibrant character that even the shows outlines are the same, each show is different. So expect to laugh, sing and even dance every now and then.


3. Aunty Shamila is quickly becoming a household name, people are becoming familiar with your content and you’re gaining a large following - how have you handled it all? Was it something you expected when you first started, to become an internet sensation?

I know! It’s honestly been a whirlwind, I’m still learning to handle it. My fans are like my friends, after every show we have a meet & greet and that’s very part as I get to meet each and everyone that has gotten me to this point in my life. I definitely did not expect it, when I started out all I wanted was for my work and comedy to be recognized but this has and continues to reach new levels every day which blows my mind and I am so so grateful for it all.


4. In this day and age, lesser known comedians are having a difficult time attracting larger audiences and selling out shows, with a multitude of content being readily available online, people are finding it easier to access content through social platforms, rather than buying tickets to go to a live show. How important has the digital space been for you, as a comedian and content creator? And what advice would you give to upcoming talents, who are finding it hard to market themselves?

I have a degree in producing and writing so I’ve always believed that the internet was the way forward for a lot of artists in the industry. I always say if you believe you have what it takes and you know you’re talented at what you do. You don’t need a casting agent or director or comedy club owner to tell you yes you’ve got what it takes or no. I say do your thing and put it online, don’t expect the first one to be a hit but persistent. And if you’ve got what it takes you will start to see a development and growth In the public. Be different and be unique, like you said there is so much content available online. The key to finding what’s uniquely you and making it appeal to online audience.


5. There are a few other profiles, producing similar stuff to what you are. Namely Aunty Rumba, Aunty Sheila, Bash with Tash etc. is there any chance we will be seeing future collabs?


I love each and everyone them and I look up to them. I think they’re all so hilarious and different. For now there are no collabs planned as I still feel I have a lot of growing to do in terms of my work and style, and I want to develop more things on my own to solidify who I am and what I do. But who knows, we can see what next year brings!

We wish Prev all the best on his future endeavours! 

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