Pranked! Bongani Mtolo gets an Alphabetical call by big boss

Pranked! Bongani Mtolo gets an 'Alphabeticall' from the big boss

An email which was sent to Keri Miller resulted in our big boss getting involved - and it didn't quite end as expected.

Bongani Mtolo 2.0.0
Nobuntu Swartbooi

Keri got an email from Hopewell. He is one of the kind gentlemen that takes care of all the branded cars at East Coast Radio. Keri explained on-air that Hopewell replied to the original mail saying, "Apologies this was not for you". 

This intrigued Keri. When she checked the first mail, it was meant for someone very prominent at our station... and many of you might have guessed - it was not Sky, but Bongani Mtolo.

Producer WR decided to use East Coast Drive's own game show called 'Alphabeticall' against them. The 'Alphabeticall' player must make a call to a person/place determined by the producer and the player needs to work through the alphabet during the call. 

WR got our big boss Zane Derbyshire to make the call - and it was incredible!

Listen to it here:

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