Political analyst weighs in on #SONA2020

Political analyst weighs in on #SONA2020

The annual State of The Nation Address was presented by President Cyril Ramaphosa last week. He touched on various aspects, so Max Du Preez, our resident political analyst, breaks it all down for you.

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Darren Maule and Max Du Preez dissected the integral parts of SONA, one of them being the scrutiny that former President FW De Klerk has come under after saying in an interview that apartheid was not a crime.

Du Preez thinks that the former president regrets not being clear in his answer, which has caused much public disturbance. De Klerk said: "We expressed our regret and remorse, I apologise for it, but I don't agree with the technical definition of a crime against humanity."

"That is a little bit of ignorance," says Du Preez.

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He also mentions that the topic of De Klerk should have not been brought up, as it was not the forum to do so. However, the EFF came to the house with the intention to disrupt. They demanded that the Minister of Public Enterprises, Pravin Gordhan, be removed, as he is the most corrupt minister and is responsible for load shedding, knowing full well that parliament cannot fire a minister.

In a 14 minute interview, Darren and Du Preez give integral insights into SONA. Listen to it here: 

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