Political analyst: ANC and DA set to lose the most

Political analyst: ANC and DA set to lose the most

On Wednesday, South Africans will head to the polls to make their mark in the country's elections. 

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Political Analyst Dr Protas Mdlala shed some light on the upcoming elections.

He broke down the analytics of each party and what it could potentially lead to. One of the points made by Dr Mdlala is this could be another victory for the ANC, however, they might lose seats in parliament. The question of a coalition still looms, but only the end result will determine that outcome.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is looking to gain ground in Gauteng and maintain their victory in the Western Cape, whilst the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) are looking to gain victories in significant areas. 

Dr Mdlala shares his thoughts on important aspects of the election. Listen to the podcast for all the details.

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Will you be making your mark on voting day? 

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