Police solve nine-year-old cold case thanks to a sausage

Police solve nine-year-old cold case thanks to a sausage

The life of a criminal can be filled with many risks and threats - the biggest apparently being hunger.


Disclaimer: Just to be clear, we do not promote violence or crime in ANY form.

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As it turns out, if you want to avoid being caught, you also have to avoid munching on a snack mid-burglary.

If you do decide to take a lunch break, you might want to get rid of the evidence since, even years after the crime has taken place, the police are still capable of catching the criminal.

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Take this example of one thief in Germany.

In the year 2012, local police in the town of Gevelsberg, in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, were called to investigate a break-in.

Sounds normal, right?

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There was no trace of the burglar by the time the police arrived and they had to leave empty-handed, except for a piece of sausage that had a considerable chunk bitten out of it. It was suspected that the criminal in question was behind this half-eaten link and the officers secured the remaining piece.

Miraculously enough, they were able to obtain a DNA sample from the fragment, but sadly there was no match found in the DNA database.

Until now, almost a decade later. 

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A 30-year-old Albanian man has finally been arrested for his involvement in the robbery and the snacking, after his DNA came up as a match for the sample found at the scene on the sausage. 

Police were able to match the DNA after the thief was arrested for another violent crime he committed and his DNA was added into the international database.

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The genetic strand was obtained by the North Rhine-Westphalia forensic team, and they were able to extradite the man from France to Germany where the investigation will continue.

Finally, after nine years, this cold case will be permanently closed and justice will be served.

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One could even say he will be getting his just desserts all thanks to the fact that he clearly already had his dinner...

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