#PlayYourPart: Aspiring supply chain executive wants to add value to your business

#PlayYourPart: Aspiring supply chain executive wants to add value to your business

Unemployed since June, Renika Ramparsad is hopeful KZN will hear her plea and employ her.

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Renika has been to many interviews with no positive outcome. Generally, employers wish to hire experienced candidates and she doesn't have sufficient experience in her field. 

Due to her age, it is harder to apply for graduate and internship programmes. She was employed as an intern with a one-year fixed term contract. Prior to that, she worked on a part-time basis at a retailer as a cashier.

Her dream job is to become a Supply Chain Executive in the next 15 years. She wishes to start studying towards an MCIPS qualification within the next two years in order to achieve this goal, however, she needs to finance her studies through a monthly income, which is not available at the moment. 

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"As well as a job whereby I feel appreciated as a value-adding member of a team, I want to be able to treat others equally and respectfully," she says. 

Her idea of playing her part would be to personally contribute money towards either CANSA or the Aryan Benevolent Home, hopefully, on a regular basis. Working with an employer to set up empowerment initiates through CSI projects is also one of her goals. 

If you want to get in touch to meet and interview her, then email [email protected], and we’ll put you in touch. Together we’ll help bring down the unemployment rate, one job at a time!

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A nation of people who care deeply for one another and the environment in which they live is good for everyone. Play Your Part is aimed at all South Africans – corporates and individuals, NGOs and government, churches and schools, and the young to the not-so-young. It aims to encourage South Africans to use some of their time, money, skills or goods to contribute to a better future for all.

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