Pictures: Does Keri have a boyfriend?

Pictures: Does Keri have a boyfriend?

Keri has been single for a while now - or so we thought. We have discovered some evidence on her social media which has led us to believe otherwise...

Keri in the midland

When Keri first told Darren and Sky about going away for the weekend on Friday, she didn't mention who she was going with or where she was going.

Nothing says evidence like a post on social media! The boys have found a reason to believe that Keri's very private yet romantic little escapade was indeed with a man - possibly a significant other.

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Take a look at the pictures Keri posted on her social media:

Keri's instagram
Screenshot /Instagram

She even recommended the lodge where she stayed at... calling it 'romantic'. Yup, romantic! 

Here are some of the questions that Darren and Sky had once they saw the pictures:

  1. Who took the pictures?
  2. Would Keri go on a coffee date in the Midlands alone?
  3. What would Keri be doing in the Midlands at a romantic getaway alone?

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It seems like our Keri girl has a man in her life. Darren and Sky have both said that they want to get to the bottom of this mystery. Stay tuned during the week to find out what they uncover.

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