PICS: Local artist brings life and colour to streets

PICS: Local artist brings life and colour to streets

Urban artist Falko One makes beautiful graffiti art that showcases local wildlife while also cleverly interacting with many different elements of the buildings, such as pipes, windows, and air conditioners.

Falko One

Keri Miller came across Falko One online and was blown away by his work.

Falko One has been on the painting and graffiti scene for almost thirty-two years and ten years ago, he started a project called 'Once Upon A Town', where he painted his way across South Africa in a bid to turn poor neighborhoods into open-air galleries that attract tourists. Vivid elephants in all shapes and forms are his most famous artworks.

This incredible South African street artist is definitely changing our surroundings, one art piece at a time, by creating work that interacts with the environment. It is GREAT!

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Take a look at his incredible art:

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