PICS: Is former 'Generations' actor Hugh Masebenza homeless?

PICS: Is former 'Generations' actor Hugh Masebenza homeless?

Pictures emerged which look like the actor and performer might be homeless...

Hugh Masebenza

This past weekend on social media, pictures emerged of former 'Generations' actor and performer Hugh Masebenza looking a lot different than we all know him to be...

There have been multiple debates regarding his real whereabouts in the country. 

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Masebenza was dubbed as the next big thing to ever happen on to South African small screen. But it seems like his career quickly fizzled out. 

He started his journey on eTV's 'Scandal', then progressed to a bigger gig in 'James’ Journey to Jerusalem' as Skomboze. Against the backdrop of his newfound fame, he made guest appearances in 'Generations' and 'Zero Tolerance'.

However, in 2015, headlines that he was mentally unstable and now living on the streets emerged.  

Have a look as these headlines from social media: 

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He has recently been spotted begging on the streets of Pretoria Central Business District.

Have a look at the advertisement you might recognise him from: 

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Main Image Courtesy: @ChrisExcel102

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