Pfizer shot gives 93% protection against disease development and hospitalisation

Pfizer shot gives 93% protection against disease development and hospitalisation

We sit in another lockdown as the third wave of COVID-19 is upon us. Prof Tulio shares all the COVID-19 and vaccine-related questions on everyone's minds. 


It is Wednesday and you know what that means - we are joined by Prof Tulio de Oliveira, who is a world-renowned bioinformatician, virus hunter, and virologist from KRISP (Kwazulu-Natal Research Innovation and Sequencing Platforming) at UKZN. He answers all the COVID-19-related questions and shares predictions from an expert's point of view. 

As we all sit in yet another lockdown, the questions on our minds is how long until we can go back to sitting in a restaurant or simply going back to work. We open today’s session with Prof Tulio by asking if the third wave will truly plague South Africa until October?

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One other topic on people’s lips is the vaccine. We know that 42 days is the ideal time between Pfizer and Moderna vaccine shots, but what is the maximum amount of time between shots before the first one becomes ineffective? Prof Tulio insightfully breaks this down for us to understand.

In some households, one person could have COVID-19 but other people living in this same household could test negative for COVID-19. The question is why this could be the case and how it happens? When answering this question, Prof Tulio emphasises that it is not to be ignored and taken lightly when someone in your house is positive and you have little to no symptoms and a negative COVID-19 test.

Prof Tulio with his expertise, extensive knowledge, and research answers all these questions : 

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From listening to the above podcast you will learn whether you have immunity from the Delta variant of the COVID-19 if you were infected by the Beta variant recently. You also learn how infectious this will be. 


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