Patient on autopsy table was actually alive!

Patient on autopsy table was actually alive!

It might sound like something out of an old zombie horror movie, but there were no special effects being used here.

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People moving after death sounds pretty unreal, right?!

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Some would say that being able to determine the difference between a living person and someone who has passed away would be a massive prerequisite for becoming a doctor.

Everyone knows that medical professionals make mistakes as well, although, given the industry and occupation they have chosen, it is less ideal for these professionals to make mistakes.

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You wouldn't want a heart surgeon operating on the wrong organ or a pharmacist giving you the wrong meds.

In the medical field, you might still be able to get away with teeny-tiny errors, but the bigger the "oops"-moment, the more likely it is that your career and reputation could disappear right before your eyes.

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When dealing with the lives of others, there isn't much room for error.

Like in this story.

In a town called Mahalingapur, in the southern state of Karnataka, India, a 27-year-old male suffered critical injuries after he was involved in an horrendous motorcycle accident.

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He was admitted to a private hospital with severe injuries, taken to the intensive care unit (ICU) where he remained in critical condition until doctors had declared him dead.

He was taken off his ventilator and his family began to make preparations for him to be moved to another hospital.

His family had chosen to move him to a government hospital where his post-mortem examination would take place (ie. his autopsy).

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Now, in case you might not know what an autopsy is, it is a medical procedure you cannot possibly recover from. Your whole body is inspected to determine what the cause of death might have been.

Luckily, the family completely unknowingly made the right decision.

One of the pathologists was able to catch the body moving on the autopsy table!

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A dead body moving?! Completely unheard of, but turns out it's not impossible.

Fortunately, this meant that the autopsy did not continue as planned and the injured man has now been moved to another hospital (again), with his condition improving!

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According to The Jakarta Post, a government official did confirm the incident, and the doctors who had initially removed him from the ventilator and presumed he had been dead exercised "bad judgment".

The family has also not yet lodged a formal complaint.

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