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Passionate rugby skipper Constant Beckerling chats to the Breakfast Team

Constant Beckerling is one passionate rugby captain and he definitely showed it during a recent post-match interview. The Breakfast Team simply had to track him down for a chat.

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Wits rugby captain Constant Beckerling recently showed his utmost love and appreciation for the game by holding no words back during a post-match interview.

The interview was conducted following a nail-biting Varsity Cup clash between Wits and TUKS. 

The chat, where he expresses his great appreciation for his team, was like no other. Beckerling complimented his team in a very big and private way, if we may say so ourselves...

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The team just had to catch up with this legendary wordsmith and even got him to give another life-changing speech. 

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This one is definitely for the books. Take a listen to the quirky interview with the very excited rugby star below:

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