Paid then, fly later... much later

Paid then, fly later... much later

Comair is in hot water again with its customers following emails some passengers received with regards to bookings that were made during the hard lockdown. Wendy Knowler spoke to the company's spokesman and has an update for unhappy customers in this week's Consumerwatch.


The good news for those holding Kulula or British Airways tickets for domestic flights they couldn’t use during hard lockdown is they can use the value of those tickets towards new bookings on those airlines, both owned by Comair.

The bad news, says Wendy Knowler, is that while Kulula planes take to the skies again from December 1 and BA planes from December 9, Comair is only taking fresh money during the peak festive season.

 Still on the issue of flights, what’s happened to the Durban - Cape Town route?

 Durbanites wanting to fly to Cape Town are not exactly spoilt for choice at the moment - the route is currently very “underserved” by domestic airlines. LISTEN to Wendy Knowler explaining why after investigating this issue further.

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