Our presenters predict the Champions League Final result

Our presenters predict the Champions League Final result

Sky Tshabalala, Eggs Benedict Ngwenya, and Neil Green predict the outcome of this year's UEFA Champions League final, which takes place on Saturday night.

spurs and liverpool
Screenshot: Skynews

Listen to the podcast or read the details below: 

It's a well-known fact that Neil is a die-hard Spurs fan and comes as no surprise to hear him say the Lilywhites will be crowned the champions.

He believes that their torrid path through to the final clearly shows that it's written in the stars for the London-based outfit.

On the other hand, Eggs and Sky support Manchester United, who are Liverpool's direct rivals, and they both think their enemies will come unstuck.

They even went as far as saying for the sake of world peace, Spurs must silence the Scousers, because whenever they win something, the whole world never hears the end of it.

Honestly speaking, these are biased predictions from people who have an agenda against one or in favour of the other team, but anything can happen in football. 

Who do you think will triumph? Let us know below.

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