'Oops, I sent you the wrong message'

'Oops, I sent you the wrong message'

KZN shares their stories about messages they mistakenly sent to the wrong people. Sky also says a very unsavoury word. Uh, oh...

Covered e=message
Whatsapp Screenshot

We got a message through our WhatsApp line from an East Coast Radio listener. However, the message was not meant for us. 

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Of course we have a screenshot for you:

Wrong message
Whatsapp Screenshot

This had the team thinking, how often do we really send or forward messages to the wrong people? Sometimes it can get very awkward and sometimes it can be a chuckle, but no one's a saint, we are all guilty of this.

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Darren, Keri, and Sky share their super awkward stories and so do KZN, take a listen to this:

That's not all, take a look at this video if hilarious messages, clearly sent to the wrong person.

Eeeek! Imagine sharing your other half's image to your boss? Best believe we'd file for sick leave the next day. 

Have you ever sent someone a message by mistake and it either turned super awkward or super ugly? Let us know by commenting below.

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