One of TikTok's biggest breakthrough stars in 2021 is a cat that cooks

One of TikTok's biggest breakthrough stars in 2021 is a cat that cooks

You should see 'Chef Puff' work his magic in the kitchen! 

Chef Puff

On December 6, TikTok released some of the results showing some of the most popular songs, videos, and creators to come from the app in 2021 as part of its end-of-year report.

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Along with Khaby Lame, the silent TikToker, a certain cat named Chef Puff made the list for the breakthrough creators for 2021. 

This cat helps his owner, Lynch Zhang, cook various meals and debunk food myths to 19.7-million of their followers.

You don't believe us? Oh, here you go then! 

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In this specific video, Chef Puff helps his owner make varying foods including specially rolled boiled eggs. 

Take a look here: 


Come and learn with Puff! ##ThatLittlePuff ##catsoftiktok ##puffknowsbetter

♬ original sound - ThatLittlePuff

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So, you know some of those food hacks you will see on the internet which are just unbelievable? 

Chef Puff and Zhang try these out and show you whether they are real or just clickbait. 

Have a look at this one:


For those who miss out our epic fails! ##ThatLittlePuff ##puffknowsbetter ##BitofCat ##epicfail

♬ original sound - ThatLittlePuff

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The furry white cat and his owner have a cute adorable sense of humour you'll love in their content. 

Have a look at this video here: 


At least Puff is better at using chopsticks than you do! ##thatlittlepuff ##PuffKnowsBetter ##recipe ##catsoftiktok

♬ original sound - ThatLittlePuff

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If you have a cat or a dog that's extremely smart, why not try out making social media content with him or her? 



Main Image Courtesy: @thatlittlepuff

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