Oh no! Darren's beard blunder

Oh no! Darren's beard blunder

Darren shared a very moving post on his Facebook page, asking social media users to be kind to the huge mistake that he made.

darren in the car

He certainly kept his audience in suspense wondering what he could have done. Darren explained that the last time he did something this crazy was when he was a teenager. It's so stupid he was even going to take a day off from work.

However, Darren alerted everyone that it wasn't harmful to himself or anyone else. He described it as 'excruciatingly embarrassing' and obviously something he's not proud of. 

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"I did something really stupid today!!! Like, right up there with ‘let’s jump into the pool from the roof of the house’ stupid! I was even considering taking a day off work to recover from this - stupid. I’m in my forties now and a Dad and really shouldn’t be doing stupid stuff like this. I have never done anything like this in my whole...wait...wait...oh...wait, yes - I have done something like this before but it was school holidays and I was a teenager so THAT was age appropriate stupid. It’s nothing life threatening and no harm came to anyone or myself but it is just a little - scratch that - it is excruciatingly embarrassing. So this is what I’m going to do: If you promise to support me and do not judge me then... (you can giggle a little bit but only in private and not within earshot of ME!) ...then I will post the evidence here on my FB. Deal?" he captioned his post. 

Well, let's just say that this was not what we were expecting. We absolutely love his new look! 

Here are what some of his Facebook fans had to say about his 'new look': 

"Darren 🙄 I know I said friends don't judge buuuut I'm not sure I can back you up on this one 😲😲😲 whhhhy?" - Reola Govender

"Why on earth would you do that? Change it back to the sexy look 🤣" - Heather Stuart-Christie

"No! It's not Movember yet Darren!!" - Merle Atkinson Smith

"Dude THE NICE AND EASY COLOURING does not go well with your complection :) [sic] . I must say it looked better before you dropped in toe the colouring patch.." - Yolanda Maartens Degenaar

"🙈 definitely a bad decision.... Lol I'd say start over again.... The sexy look can be brought back" - Bibi Skrywer

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