"Now that gyms are open, what happens to my contract?" Our legal expert can help

"Now that gyms are open, what happens to my contract?" Our legal expert can help

During levels three, four, and five of lockdown, gyms were closed and according to the law, they were not allowed to continue debiting money from their members' accounts. But what happens if your contract expired while gym was closed? Will your gym still debit money from you? Legal expert Ashton Naidoo is here to help.


The country has just entered level two of lockdown after five months of stricter regulations under levels three, four and five, and one of the major talking points is the opening of gyms.

Legal expert Ashton Naidoo joined Darren, Keri, and Sky for his weekly dose of legal advice and one of the questions he answered was from a listener who wanted to know what happens to his gym contract that expired while gyms were closed. Will his gym start debiting money from him or must he sign a new contract?

You may think that the simple answer is, "No. Because the contract has expired", according to Ashton, that is not the case.

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To hear what Ashton had to say about this issue, listen to the podcast below as he tackles other issues including the signing of a will, what the law says about a landlord switching your water off during lockdown because of missed payments, how to get your refund for a cancelled event, whether it is legal for your employer to withhold your payslip, and more.

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