Now for the fun stuff on Consumerwatch

Now for the fun stuff on Consumerwatch

Thanks to social media, consumer discontent confronts us everywhere - Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp groups - lots of grumpy, angry, frustrated consumers venting, naming and shaming. And yes, most of it is well justified!

Supplied: Wendy Knowler

Despite my job, I’m always very mindful of the fact that while there’s lots of wonderful service being given to consumers every day, people are less inclined to take the time and trouble to document it and share it with the rest of us.

Many years ago, I started a Consumerwatch tradition - an occasional feel good 'Wow' show featuring stories from listeners of great service, for several reasons:

- To balance the negative stuff

- To give credit where it’s due

- To show up the companies which aren’t bothering to delight their customers; and 

- To remind consumers that good service is out there, and they should expect it.

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For some reason, I haven’t done a 'Wow' show for quite a few years, so I thought this last show of the year - the 15th year of Consumerwatch - would be a good time to revive the 'Wow'

Take a listen:

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