East Coast Breakfast dissect Nomuzi's 'live video' crash

East Coast Breakfast dissect Nomuzi's 'live video' crash

Moozlie Mabena, known as 'Nomuzi', was seen on a live video in her car which crashed suddenly. Twitter has had much to say, as did the East Coast Breakfast team.

Screenshot/ Twitter

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Many Twitter users aren't buying that it was an actual accident and said that it could have been staged. Questions as to why there weren't any aftermath sounds, skidding or even screaming are mounting against the presenter.

Twitter isn't pleased, as if this is a PR stunt, it's not funny.

The drama doesn't end there, however. Within a day of the video releasing, Twitter has already started the #NomuziChallenge.


WARNING: This video contains footage of what appears to be an accident in progress and may be considered disturbing to some.

Watch the video here:
What's drama without the love and shade from Twitter: 

But we want to know from you, is it a publicity stunt or was it an actual video?

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