No scar will kill your sunshine thanks to Sports Illustrated

No scar will kill your sunshine thanks to Sports Illustrated

Cover girl bears all her scars for popular sports magazine!

Kelly Hughes embraces being a model and a new mother
Instagram/Kelly Hughes

The Sports Illustrated Swimwear Edition has been a global hit on shelves for many years.

However, there have been many claims that the models used do not fully represent the world we live in and create an unrealistic fantasy for both men and women. 

Thankfully, it appears that is about to change somewhat.

A model, jewellery designer, and proud mother, Kelly Hughes, took the opportunity to grace the cover of the swimwear edition with her C-section cut in full view.

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Hughes went out there with a point to prove for all mothers who have felt pressured to change their appearance due to the effects of pregnancy. 

“There’s an incredible shift happening today with inclusivity and normalising the changes our bodies go through as women, so to be a part of this moment is so incredible and liberating,” she says. 

Shifting the culture in most publications will certainly not be easy, but for the sport magazine themselves, it was important for them to become a little bit more inclusive and send the right message.

The publication themselves welcomed the idea of Hughes wanting the modern outlook, which coincides with normalising people's body changes post pregnancy.

This is a celebration of women and their bodies in all forms, and an amplification of the power of the female body - especially when becoming a mom.


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