No more AKA performances and appearances

No more AKA performances and appearances

The past few months have seen Kiernan Forbes in the limelight for his late fiancée’s death but that will be changing as he takes time out. 


The hashtag #MuteAKA has been growing on social media, especially Twitter. This follows the leaked pictures and videos that implicate AKA in a negative light in relation to his late fiancée’s death. 


The South- African rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes shared through a statement from his PR team that he will not be performing or making appearances at any public events. 

 It read: “The hip hop megastar has elected to take a step back from the musical eventing space because he is currently in a space where he feels it is necessary to place a greater emphasis on looking after his emotional and physical well-being.”


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AKA has also released his own statement on social media pages denying the information from friends of Anele that he was abusive.

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The break is said to allow him time for healing and strength to face the allegations that have emerged about the nature of his relationship with his late fiancée. 

Guess we will not be seeing a lot of him anymore - on social media and at event. 

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