Nine-year-old university student has graduation hopes dashed

Nine-year-old university student has graduation hopes dashed

Laurent Simons from Belgium was all set to become the world's first-ever university graduate under the age of 10, but issues occurred with Eindhoven's University of Technology which have scuppered that achievement.

laurent simons
Screenshot: Sky News

The nine-year-old, who has an IQ of 145, has been studying Electrical Engineering at the Netherlands university and was set to graduate before his birthday on Boxing Day.

However, according to the university, due to the number of exams he needs to finish, Simons won't be graduating before his 10th birthday.  

In the university's statement, it had offered a still phenomenally quick scheme in which he would end his education mid-2020. His parents, however, rejected their offer and immediately ended his studies in Eindhoven.

His parents believe the reason to withhold his graduation is that he wants to study his PhD abroad. The university has indicated that Simons is an incredibly smart child who is superseding his studies at an unprecedented pace, but it is just not possible for him to graduate this year.

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