Newswatch journalist analyses the recent #CrimeStats

Newswatch journalist, Bernadette Wolhuter analyses the country’s latest #CrimeStats

The crime statistics were released and they don't make for pretty reading, especially for us in KZN. We chatted to ECR Newswatch's Bernadette Wolhuter about the #CrimeStats.

Crime Stats

Take a listen to our chat with Bernadette on the recent crime statistics or read the details under the podcast.

According to Newswatch, South Africa's murder rate has increased by 6.9%. In numbers, this means that 1,320 more people have been murdered in South Africa in the past year.

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The previous year saw 19,016 murders, but this year that number moved up to 20,336, which means that 57 people are killed on average every day in South Africa. 

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These results are obviously shocking and not great news. How do they make you feel about living in South Africa? Let us know below.

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