New optical illusion of a girl ‘sinking into the ground’ boggles brains

New optical illusion of a girl ‘sinking into the ground’ boggles brains

Have you figured out what is happening in the latest image to take the internet by storm?

girl in cobblestones

Optical illusions have become a phenomenon on social media. We’ve seen everything from the white and gold dress vs the blue and black dress to that image of Kendall Jenner appearing to miss a leg in a shoot for InStyle and now, there’s a new illusion that has the internet scratching their heads.

The latest optical illusion craze came about after a mother shared a photo of her daughter apparently sitting chest-deep in the ground.

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Sharing the image on social media site Reddit, the mother says, “My daughter, where’s the rest of her?? Ohh I see, do you?”

The confusing image shows the girl visible only above the waist. The lower half of her body seems to be submerged in the surrounding cobbles.

The image has been shared on various social media pages with one Reddit user saying that the picture was “melting their brain”, while another said it “hurt their head.” A third added “I thought she was just in a hole in the ground.”

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However, the girl is standing behind a wall whose surface is almost identical to the paving stones on the ground – and can be seen through the shadow placement in the image. “The entire foreground is like an elevated plateau and she is standing behind it,” another user explains.

However, many still couldn’t figure it out – despite help from fellow users. “Even after you point[ed] it out, my brain still flip-flops between understanding and confusion,” one admitted. “I still don’t see it lol,” wrote another.

Do you see it?

optical illusion

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Image courtesy: Reddit

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