New bike park in KwaMashu brings about excitement to many

New bike park in KwaMashu brings about excitement to many

GO!Durban Cycle Academy, along with varying stakeholders, have built a bike park for the children in KwaMashu E-Section.


We enjoy witnessing communities receive facilities that will aid the youth to cultivate a better education and lifestyle. On reception of the news of a new bike park being built in KwaMashu, we had to give a deserved applause to all who made this possible. 

The organisation, GO!Durban Cycle Academy Programme, was founded in 2016 and built the first bike park in eNanda. It is a joy to see it has multiplied to three other sites. 

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A bike park in KwaMashu E-section is the most recent addition; the site was transformed from an illegal dumping site and the municipality thought it could become something better for the community. 

Shaun Peschl, who is the programme director for the academy, told Northglen News: "After an environmental assessment, we, along with various stakeholders, including Durban Green Corridor, helped mould it to what you see today. This was also designed as a safe space for youngsters from the age of six all the way to 18 to learn how to cycle and progress as quickly as possible."

400 children are trained weekly with free cycling training, academic support, and life skills development.

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According to Shaun Peschl, there are coaches on site to help young children on their first rides. He emphasises that it is about empowering the youth, especially as the bike park was launched in June, which is Youth Month.

"I hope and I’m confident we will see cyclists competing on a world stage, having started their journey right here at the KwaMashu bike park. The future is bright for many of the children involved,” Peschl continued.

The main objective and hope for the new KwaMashu bike park is that it will promote a cycling culture in line with the City’s active mobility plan.

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Other bike parks by the GO!Durban Cycle Academy are in KwaDabeka and Chesterville. 

If you and your child or your partner or your friends are new to cycling, there is a place you can enjoy this sport! 


Main Image Courtesy: Pexels

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