Naughty Parrot!

Naughty parrot!

London zoo removes several parrots from display for swearing at visitors.

African grey parrot

Whoopsy daisy, these African grey parrots are in of trouble!

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According to Ladbible, the five African grey parrots moved to Lincolnshire Wildlife Park on 15 August and were kept in a room together. Turns our while in isolation the birds picked up a few swear words and have been at it ever since. 

It all began as a bit of funny banter, and the zookeepers were loving it, but when the parrots began swearing at visitors, they had to be removed from display. Imagine walking into the zoo, and you hear someone swearing at you, we would be mortified! 

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Turns out that if parrots receive a laughing reaction, they will continue using a word. 

The birds naturally laughed at each other, causing the swearing to go on and on and on! 

The birds have since been separated from each other in order to stop them from swearing. 

No visitors' feelings were hurt in the process! 

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