NASA shares breathtaking picture on World Photography Day

NASA shares breathtaking picture on World Photography Day

The amazing atmospheric phenomena of Aurora meeting airflow over Earth had social media gushing.

Nasa aurora meets airglow
Instagram/ nasa

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) shared a stunning picture that proves just how beautiful the natural world is.

The picture, which was captured by an astronaut on the International Space Station, shows the exact moment when Aurora meets airglow above the Earth before dawn.

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Captioning the post, “Aurora, meet airglow,” NASA also explained the phenomena, “Wavy green, red-topped wisps of aurora borealis appear to intersect the muted red-yellow band of airglow as the station passed just south of the Alaskan Peninsula. The rising Sun, behind Earth’s limb at the time of this photo, adds a deep blue to the horizon. Light from cities in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada, joins starlight to dot the early morning skyscape.⁣”

The space agency also explained the difference between Aurora and airflow: “Airglow is the emission of light from chemical interactions between oxygen, nitrogen, and other molecules in the upper atmosphere. Auroras, on the other hand, stem from interactions between solar energy and Earth’s magnetic field."

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Check out the picture below:

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