The much-anticipated 'Snake Season' slithers onto TV with Nick Evans!

The much-anticipated 'Snake Season' slithers onto TV with Nick Evans!

A new local TV series featuring Nick Evans on People's Weather - DSTV channel 180 - starts on 7 September 2020.

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From bringing you Snake Rescue and Snake Rescue Extra on East Coast Radio to a new wildlife series of snake capture, rescue, and release on People's Weather this spring, Nick Evans chats to Darren Maule about his adrenaline-fueled show called, 'Snake Season'.

This is a high-energy show, as “freaked-out” folk discover snakes in their homes or gardens, and an always at ease Evans goes about his life’s passion in the rescue and conservation of snakes.

"It's been quite exciting. It's actually been a load of fun working on it. We've been filming for the past couple of's been goo fun filming rescues," Nick tells Darren.

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Nick also revealed that they have added some different aspects such as education, getting people's points of view, and research work.

The full interview is available in the podcast below:

Catch Nick in action on his new TV show called, 'Snake Season'. It premieres on Monday, 7 September. It airs on DSTV channel 180,  People's Weather Channel, at 6 PM, with a repeat at 9 PM. New episodes every day this week until Thursday evening.

If you would like to have Nick Evans come to your school with a van full of snakes (for educational purposes), Whatsapp “Snake” and your name right now to 061 700 0800 and you might win the opportunity at your school!

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Catch up with moments from the latest edition of Darren, Keri, and Sky below:

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