Mowgli lookalike born with two inches of hair

Mowgli lookalike born with two inches of hair

Little Oscar Jones was born with 5cm of jet black hair and looks just like Mowgli from The Jungle Book.

Screenshot: Unilad Online

Doctors spotted his luscious locks whilst he was still in his mother's womb. Oscar was just eight weeks old when his parents, Sara Morris, 36, and Joshua Jones, 29, took him for his first haircut, but his beautiful hair continued to grow. 

When the couple are out walking with Oscar, admirers often stop them in the street to comment on his locks. Twenty weeks later, and Sara says they’ve called him ‘Mowgli’ after The Jungle Book character because of his unique hairstyle.

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Funnily enough, mom and dad had watched The Jungle Book in December last year, which we think is a cute coincidence that their baby replicates the same hair as the character.

After struggling with pregnancy, diabetes, and intense heartburn, the couple went to the doctor for a checkup, where they learned about their son’s amazing hair for the first time.

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