Sky just can't get enough of Mice Cream!

Sky just can't get enough of Mice Cream!

The Kelly-Maule household has their very own 'Häagen-Dazs' or 'Magnum' supply. 

Mouse's Ice Cream
Darren Maule

When Darren Maule arrived at work on Monday, he shared that he tasted the best ice-cream he has ever had in his four decades of life. It gets a little cooler - it was made by Mouse! 

Darren's most favourite person and daughter, Mouse, created some magnificent Oreo ice-cream. It was all made from scratch and Darren could not help but ask her to share the recipe. 

Mouse's Homemade Oreo Ice Cream Recipe: 

- Butter

- Heavy Cream 500ml 

- Condensed Milk 385ml

- Oreo or any other add-in - vanilla essence or brownies

It is as easy as that!

WATCH: Darren and Mouse sing their hearts out

But we need to name the ice-cream. Here are the suggestions you have for us:

For the method on how to make a similar ice cream for you and yours. Take a listen here: 

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Make sure to make it count, guys. This name will determine whether we sell this or not.

So the name 'Mice Cream' clearly took the trophy for best name. That is the name that our very own Keri Miller suggested. 


The team were lucky enough to have Darren bring the ice cream to the studio this morning. Yes, we were having ice-cream for breakfast! And the reviews are all 5 stars. 

Have a listen to how Sky just could not get enough:


Main Image Courtesy: Darren Maule

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