The most rad taste of beer in town: Umqombothi mixed with craft beer!

The most rad taste of beer in town: Umqombothi mixed with craft beer!

Is this the drink to have at your next party? 


If you're a beer lover, this will definitely peak your interest! 

A certain William Yell from the Eastern Cape created a new proudly South African beer made from traditional African umqombothi and craft beer. 

How exactly did he make it? 

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The beer, called 'Ibhiya', was made using a blend of 20% umqombothi sour mash, African sorghum/wheat beer, and some South African hops and honey. It was then fermented with beer yeast. 

It takes 21 days for the beer to be ready for drinking.

Yell said Ibhiya is the perfect choice for those wanting to explore different craft beer flavours, which are slightly sour, but steeped in tradition.

Maybe our very own Sky Tshabala should get a taste of some of this uniquely South African beer? 

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Yell is the owner of Featherstone Brewery and Entrepid Brewing in Makhanda. He recently showcased his new beer, Ibhiya, on Saturday at Makhanda's Craft Beer Crawl, an annual event organised by his brewery in partnership with Makana Tourism.

"Sour beers had also been gaining in popularity in the craft industry, so my idea was to merge these two concepts and create something local by a fusion of modern beer brewing and traditional methods."

You know we're adventurous! We think this actually has a chance...

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