More highlights of DKS 2021

More DKS 2021highlights

Remember when we had The Kiffness? How about our birthday surprise to a deserving person and the crazy V-day train smash? 

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Early January, we had the artist The Kiffness join us after he scored 13-million views at that time for a video he remixed with Bilal Goregen singing a Finnish folk song. We kicked off the month of February with a birthday surprise for someone special then Valentines Day seemed liked it would be exciting but it ended kind of blue for one of our listeners. 

David Scott, popularly known as The Kiffness visited us to talk about his journey making parody videos since his first release in 2018. The song with Bilal Goregen (an obscure Finnish folk song originally performed by Turk Bilal Goregen) going viral with millions of combined views equally got us excited and we had to hear from the horse's mouth why people were enjoying this one so much.

In this video there's a lady dancing in the corner and we found out that she is his wife. 

"The song was uploaded in 2018 with Bilal playing his drum and then someone added a cat and that is when it exploded," he says.

The video has gone all the way to 17-million views after our conversation with the musician. If you missed it, here's how it went down: 

Buy/Stream the song here.

The month of love then saw us start it by gifting Lionel Bellhaven with a sweet surprise for his birthday. He is a craftsman who we had for an episode of Keri's Couch sharing his touching story of how he lost his job during the hard lockdown therefore losing his home. He started his own backpack/crafts business to alleviate his situation in some way. Catch up on the full story here

With an unexpected call to the craftsman on the morning of his birthday, we made it bright as ever: 

To see more of Lionel's work, check it out on Instagram.

The actual day of love arrived - Valentine's Day - and we had the most interesting turn of events on air. 

When Rico called in for Darren Maule's Quick Quiz on that day, he also requested that he ask a special someone out for a V-day date. If it's not the most awkward thing that could happen to anyone, it's definitely second to it: 


Yeah, that was quite something! 

We have enjoyed all our moments with you on-air, let us know which one was your favourite. 

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