#MonthFreeMe: Keri admits to getting pulled over by cops

#MonthFreeMe: Keri admits to getting pulled over by cops

Whilst on her #MonthFreeMe journey - which means no alcohol, Keri shares an experience she's very grateful she had.

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Listen to Keri's encounter or read the details under the podcast.

Keri Miller is currently on a journey of being free from alcohol for a month, which she decided she just needed to do for herself. 

She invited you to join her on the quest of #MonthFree anything!

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Whilst on this journey, Keri had been to a sports bar for an event where 90% of the people around her had been drinking. It's true when they say things happen for a reason. 

While traveling on her way back home, she was pulled over by the metro police during a roadblock. The police had tested her breath and, of course, she was clear and good to go!

However, it does make one think of all the 'what ifs'... 

Today, Keri has pledged to never drink and drive - even if it is just one drink. 

If you'd like to join Keri, all you have to do is pledge to do something for you! It doesn't have to be a month right away, you can start off small, maybe ten days, but do it for you. The future you will thank you. 

Did you know that over the Easter period for 2018 alone, the death toll on SA roads equated to 510 killed and more than 6,400 speeding offences?

Let's bring down that number. Don't drink and drive. 

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