Darren Maule: 'Moffie' is a must-see film

Darren Maule: 'Moffie' is a must-see film

The story of a young conscript who battles to survive compulsory service in apartheid South Africa’s military has gripped audiences worldwide - as well as Breakfast's Darren Maule.


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Darren Maule was invited to the exclusive screening of director Oliver Hermanus’ masterpiece, 'Moffie'. He was left in awe after seeing the incredible movie.

"#MoffieFlim is expertly directed, exquisitely acted, beautifully and sensitively filmed, and the effect is moving, revealing, and harrowing. It's a must-see film," Maule said.

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The movie has gripped audiences worldwide with sold-out screenings in London, Stockholm, and Glasgow in October. It has also garnered high praise from film critics. Music producer Ben Ludik recreated Rodriguez' 'Sugar Man' with a female vocalist as a haunting anthem to end the film.

More about the film:

To be a "moffie" is to be weak, effeminate, illegal. The year is 1981, and South Africa’s white minority government is embroiled in conflict on the southern Angolan border. Like all white men over the age of 16, Nicholas van der Swart must complete two years of compulsory military service to defend the racist apartheid regime. 

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The threat of communism and the so-called swart gevaar (black danger), the conscripts are told, are on their doorstep. Nicholas knows this is not the only danger he faces. The army is brutal, and his superiors pitiless, but when a connection forms between Nicholas and a fellow recruit, the harsh reality of what would happen if anyone found out reveals an even crueller wasteland.

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