Miracle survivor joins Keri on her couch

Miracle survivor joins Keri on her couch

"When I met Tina B, I couldn't believe that the woman I was looking at was the same woman from the story I had read. This woman is not just a survivor, but literally a story of a miracle," says Keri Miller.

keri miller and tina b
Shanice Pillay

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Imagine being told that your six-month-old baby needs to go for surgery, and that she probably has a 99.9% chance of not making it into her teenage years.

I was sitting talking to a woman in her 30's. We won't say exactly how old she is, but she is stronger than ever. 

By the end of this Keri's Couch, if you don't take the biggest, deepest breath into the bottom of your lungs with gratitude, then you're just not human.

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