A message for Durban's Acting Mayor Fawzia Peer

A message for Durban's Acting Mayor Fawzia Peer

News has come to light that Jeffreys Bay is getting South Africa's first plastic road, so Darren had some things to ask Durban's Acting Mayor Fawzia Peer.

Aerial view of highway and overpass in city

Yes, you read right - Jefferys Bay is getting a plastic road, which is a first for South Africa. According to The South AfricanKouga Municipality collaborated with South African engineers to get this project off the ground. They will also work with MacRebur, a Scottish company, to kickstart the groundbreaking project in the Eastern Cape.

Plastic roads are said to last longer than traditional tar roads. It will be made from recycled plastic materials broken down into pellets. MacRebur have already tested the viability of plastic roads in the United Kingdom.

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KZN shared some of their opinions of areas which they believe are in the need of maintenance and upkeep.

With that in mind, Darren wants to know what this means for KZN? Well, he had a simple, yet hard-hitting message for Acting Mayor Fawzia Peer. 

"Fawzia Peer, I know you listen to East Coast Breakfast. So, from me, please, can we just arrange a meeting between you and the engineers from Scotland to talk about how this could work in KZN?

"Specifically Edwin Swales? Which is one of the busiest heavy-duty vehicle roads in the world. We’ll provide you an office, free WiFi, air conditioning, a boardroom, snacks, tea, and coffee. Then if you like the idea we’ll even let Durban City take all the credit. We just wanna broadcast on the day you break ground.

"Thanks, Darren Maule."

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