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Melusi's everyday Zulu: Lesson six and seven

If you live in KZN, you must surely know a little bit of isiZulu, it's just how we are, nje? So, the team took lessons from Melusi to stay ahead of the isiZulu trends, especially along our diverse coast. Here are this week's lessons.

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Listen to lesson six of Melusi's everday Zulu or read the details under the podcast.

Read: Listen: Melusi's everyday Zulu lessons

The first word this week is uKuphucuka which means 'improvement', exactly what Melusi said about the Breakfast Team's Zulu.

Listen to lesson seven of Melusi's Everday Zulu or read the details under the podcast.

Linda was the second word for this week and it simply means to 'wait'. 

Stay tuned for our next two lessons which will feature next week Tuesday and Wednesday on East Coast Breakfast.

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