Masterclass on retail accounts with Wendy Knowler on Thursday, June 10

Masterclass on retail accounts with Wendy Knowler on Thursday, June 10

After the unusually large audience for the Edgars account blog, Wendy Knowler found it fitting to share an in-depth session regarding the topic. 

Edgars accountholders at the helm of frustration

Consumer journalist Wendy Knowler shared a blog on Consumerwatch regarding the troubles that Edgars accountholders face. The large number of people who engaged on the blog and contacted her inspired a Masterclass she will host on Darren, Keri, and Sky on Thursday, June 10 

She explains that the Edgards RCS Credit Queries help her when she submits consumers' complaints, because she is familiar with the team, so she is able to get effective and efficient help for unhappy consumers. 

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Unfortunately, some people forget to send their account number when they email or contact her regarding their inability to close an Edgars account or for 'extra charges' they might not understand. She highlights the importance of including this when contacting her. 

Retailability, which is the group that bought Edgars, have directly communicated with Wendy that should the Edgars account issues escalate, they would step in and try to eliminate certain steps that make elongate sorting through retail account queries with the RCS Credit Queries. 

Take a listen to what else to expect on Thursday, June 10: 

We highly advise that you inform all your acquaintances, friends, family, and even colleagues to tune in on Darren, Keri, and Sky's show from 6am - 9am on Thursday, June 10 for a Masterclass on retail accounts with Wendy Knowler. 

Contact Wendy

Get in touch with Wendy via her website or her Facebook page. Please note that Wendy is not able to personally respond to every email she receives. If she is able to take up your case, she will contact you directly. Here are other avenues for you to consider.

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