Master KG is not bothered by the haters

Master KG is not bothered by the haters

The global superstar is taking a page out of 50 Cent's advice, "If they hate, let them hate and watch the money pile up."

Master KG

Producer and DJ, Master KG is living his wildest dream right now and nobody can steal his shine. 

The Jerusalema hitmaker is getting all the recognition he deserves and he is taking it all in. From his song reaching over 100 million views on YouTube to getting shoutouts from football star Cristiano Ronaldo and music legend Janet Jackson, there's no telling exactly how high the 24-year-old will continue to fly the South African flag. 

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But when a troll decided to spew some negativity on social media about the manner in which the DJ responds to the love he is receiving from international celebrities, he resolved to make it clear that the troll's opinion did not matter.

When British entrepreneur Frank Khalid (who is is a staunch Chelsea Football Club supporter) shared a video of Chelsea footballer Tammy Abraham jamming to the global hit song, Master KG took a slight jab at the haters with the response, "Should I start And Say " We Love You in".

Keep shining, Master KG. We love you in SA (no pun intended).

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