Man uses 'telepathic powers' to enlarge breasts

Man uses 'telepathic powers' to enlarge breasts

We don't mean to sound pessimistic, but we are just a little bit skeptical...

Telepathy claims

There have been many medical miracles.

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But for every innovative step forward, there is some person trying to manipulate the unassuming and naive masses for their own gain.

This brings us to the "master of Taoism", the self-proclaimed "Guhao master" himself, a man who has claimed that his telepathic powers give him incredible medical capabilities.

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In a video that has captured the attention of local authorities, the anonymous man claims that his "powers" have given him the ability to enlarge women's breasts.

The man can be seen standing in front of a line of 27 women, and he then starts moving his hands in different circular motions moving towards their upper body and their breasts.

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A few of the women who have undergone the "procedure" have claimed that their breasts did in fact enlarge and grow in size, although authorities believe the man is a scam artist.

Magic boobs

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He does, however, do much more than just breast enlargement. He also claims that, by using Taoism, he can help people grow taller (a procedure that will cost you R34,343 per cm added), cure tumors, heal bone injuries, help people lose weight, and even make people smarter by blowing air into their heads.

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You might be wondering, what credentials does this man claim to have?

Well, he is said to be the director of a Taoist clinic administered by Jinque Palace, but the Palace has since stated that it does not employ any members that are known as "Guhao masters", and has also not opened any clinics.

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The chairman of Shijiazhuang's Taoism Association, Li Zongyan, has also said that the Taoist institutions are in no way affiliated with this man and he is a "swindler" who is using deception to make his money.

Luckily, the man will hopefully no longer be bamboozling people out of their hard-earned cash, as an official investigation has been launched.

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While these quick-fix procedures do sound like a dream, we'll be sticking to the conventional medical methods for now.

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