Lost in translation: Google translate calls Siya Kolisi was "cheating"

Lost in translation: Google Translate says Siya Kolisi was "cheating"

Important lesson from this story; don't always trust Google Translate!

Siya and Rachel Kolisi

Springbok captain Siya Kolisi's tweet may have gotten him into trouble after Google Translate made a mess of things.

Kolisi is known to have quite the sense of humour, and when he posted a picture of himself and his wife Rachel with a funny caption in his home language, isiXhosa, nobody was ready for how Google would translate the caption into English.

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The rugby player's caption read, "Bendimqhatha apha, ndizibona ngeposture le" which, when translated (correctly) means “I was lying here, you can even see my posture”.

However, Google translated the tweet to “I was cheating on her here, seeing myself through this post.”

Social media users found the whole thing funny, while others jokingly said that Siya might just be in trouble with Rachel.

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IMAGE CREDIT: Twitter/SiyaKolisi_Bear

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